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Hotel Restaurante Finca Eslava

Hotel Restaurante Finca Eslava is placed in Antequera, 45 km away from Málaga. Antequera reaches the slope of a small hill between Sierra del Torcal and a big farming plain, offering the traveler a characteristic urban landscape of Andalusia. Numerous church towers and convents stand above among a popular architecture of Arabic tile roofs and lime fronts.


The city stands out due to the inheritance left by the times of other cultures that have made of the city a jewel of the Andalusian historical heritage.

The monuments made by the human being, from dolmens to baroque churches, made of Antequera a place to let our imagination run free. On the other hand, the monuments made by nature, from the Laguna de Fuente Piedra a la Sierra del Torcal, made of water the focus of the landscape, even in the shape of a sacred refugee for flamingos or as a mysterious temple of stone shaped by water since the mountain merged from the bottom of the sea.

Beyond Antequera, from Campillos to Teba, and from Ardales to Bobadilla, rivers turn castles and fortresses, joining nature and history in one of the most attractive itineraries of Andalusia.


The castle of Antequera is the ancient Muslim Alcazaba and fortress. It is a national monument that has preserved some walls and the keep, a type of fortified tower, crowned by a cupule of mannerist style form 1582 known as “Torre de Papabellota”.

The city of Antequera has the most important megalithic archaeological remains of Europe. The Menga dolmen is the oldest; the remains are completed with the Viera and the Romeral, this last one has a primitive false dome. Amazing stone blocks where moved from the Veracruz quarry to shape this early architectonical human expressions.

The Real Colegiata de Santa María la Mayor is a national monument. It was the ancient royal collegiate church and was built between 1514 and 1550. It is considered as the first Renaissance building of Andalusia. In its interior we have to highlight the basilical ground plain with three naves separated by Ionic columns and Mudejar wooden armature. The main chapel is covered with an elegant vault of gothic style.


The quality of the cuisine of Antequera gives its name to two well-known and appreciated foods inside and outside the region. We are talking about the porra of Antequera, a summer soup made with bread, tomato and pepper, among other ingredients. After this, we can try the bienmesabe, a sweet made of yolk, honey and almonds.

Another original plate of Antequera we cannot forget is the mollete, a type of bread perfect for breakfast with cold meat or olive oil, also from the region. In this case, we talk about a luxury we can try in few places. The handmade mantecado (roll) and alfajor (pastry sweet) are typical of Christmas times.

Just like we have artistic and cultural routes, we can also stablish gastronomical routes for eating tapas with a quality and varied offer. We can choose between the stew rice, ribs, porra, aubergine and potato stew, among others. As a legacy from France we have stew with mallows and a type of morcón made with pork tongue stuffed in cinnamon and clove smells.