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Hotel Restaurante Finca Eslava

In Aquaslava we aim to offer a wide variety of facilities to take care of your health, practice some exercise and guarantee a moment of leisure at a reasonable price in a nice and cosy environment.

In the heated pool we offer lessons adapted to every age and level.

Back and health school

The back school prevents and relieves the back pain through physical exercise and swimming. Our professionals work in order to teach the participants how to recognize and modify those damaging quotidian “vices” that cause or maintain pains and other back troubles.


We have a gym equipped with the best machines for an optimum training. If you need it, we also have trainers who give sessions so you can show off your muscles.

Spinning centre

Aquaslava is a spinning official centre in Spain, so we offer workouts for every level and likes that will make you be fitted with your favorite sport.


We offer massage services that prevent and relieve back pain, stimulate the lymphatic system and improve the blood circulation.